Communion at CFSR

Each month – normally on the first Sunday of the month in this Church – we celebrate communion. We do this because, when he celebrated his final Passover with his disciples, Jesus commanded that we remember his death in this way (see Luke 22:19). In different church traditions, Communion may be called by different names, for example the Eucharist (meaning "thanksgiving"), the Breaking of Bread or the Lord’s Supper.

At the Communion Service, those who have been converted and committed their lives to following Christ (and, often, have been baptised publically to demonstrate their conversion) can reflect on what Christ has done for them. We can also renew our desire to be obedient to what he teaches us in his word – the Bible.

We are not perfect and those of us who are committed Christians often realise that we have a need to confess sin and put this right with God. Sometimes it may be necessary also to sort something out with people against whom we have done wrong.  It may be that we are struggling with a particular issue. We have not yet been able to ask for God’s cleansing and forgiveness; or we have not addressed an issue with another person. If this is the case, there may be believers present on a particular Sunday who decide that they cannot take communion, on that occasion.

There may also be those present who are either not sure whether they are Christians or have not yet made that commitment to follow Christ. They are not yet ready or able to celebrate communion in the way that Jesus intended. Paul warned one of the Churches in the New Testament about abuse of the Lord’s Supper and instructed (1 Cor 11:27-30) that it is sinful to take the bread or drink the cup ‘in an unworthy manner’. He says that we should each ‘examine ourselves’ before we take part.

In order to help everyone be involved during a Communion Service a Church leader will be available to pray for God’s help and direction for those who cannot take the bread and wine. Believers who have brought someone who is not yet a Christian are asked to come forward with them for prayer before they take the elements.


June 2010

PS We have a leaflet which is available at the church setting out our policy on Communion. It can be downloaded here as a pdf file.